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Aktuelle Stunde: Bilder zum nachdenken. Studierende demonstrieren, moege sich alle anderen anschliessen!

Look what a system of profits produce if it comes to a crisis: The victims are the mass around the globe!
Take action in a revolution that provides peace, education, food, shelter and all the basic needs human kind needs to have a dignified life! Be critical with the mass media, don‘t support politicians that provides killing wars, an economic system of profits for the rich and everything that’s against OUR human rights! Basically that’s behind the student protests. (Structural) Violence starts with the denial of basic needs through the rich and mighty of a society and ends in the angry and desperate answer of the mass. Violence shouldn‘t be supported even it shouldn‘t be provoked…

Student Protest against raising fees in London!

The crisis starts to occupy the social systems! Now the people starts to occupy the buildings where the fatal decisions were made! Scences from a protest that shouldn‘t be the last: